Welcome to Notary Training, your provider of quality training to notaries in England and Wales. We have recently enjoyed our seventh anniversary. We endeavour to bring you interesting topics and are increasing the number of external speakers to bring to you knowledgeable and experienced practitioners who can educate and answer your difficult queries at the same time. We had expected to be repeating courses by now but we have been able to introduce new topics each year.

During 2019 seven courses will be held across England throughout the year. There will be two courses in London. There is a variety of courses over the year with emphasis on the general data protection regulations which are the hot topic at present.

Non-accredited points

Plan your year and earn non-accredited CPE points as you go along. Simply read articles from our articles page and download our non-accredited CPE record form here. More details about cpe are in our regulations page.

ALL courses are approved by the Master for the purposes of the Notaries CPE Regulation 2010 and are accredited with 3 CPE points and are provided by Notary Training as part of a nationwide programme of continuing education for all notaries.

All courses have a fee of £95. All courses commence with lunch at 12.30pm and are all on a Friday.

Training to be a notary

Notary Training provides courses for qualified notaries. If you have found your way to this site to learn how to train and qualify as a notary you will find more information on the websites of the Notaries Society, the Faculty Office and the Society of Scrivener Notaries. Details about the qualification course run by UCL are here.

Our data protection policy is set out on our GDPR page.